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Undergraduate business courses

Your future in business
In an age of globalisation, disruption and rapid technological change, there has never been a more exciting time to pursue a career in business.

With a wealth of opportunity across many diverse industries and specialisations, a degree in business empowers you to carve your own path to success – whether in the corporate, not-for-profit or government sectors, or by building your own startup.



  • Choose from one of the largest ranges of majors of any business school in Australia.
  • Study in our ultra-modern Abercrombie Building.
  • Learn from academics who are leaders in their field.
  • High achieving students may apply or be invited to take part in the Dalyell Scholars program which enables you to cultivate the leadership and professional expertise to become a part of our global network of leaders.
  • Access our dedicated Careers and Employability Office for specialised services that will help you achieve your career aspirations.
  • Experience work and study while you complete your degree with a wide variety of opportunities available in Australia and overseas.


The Business School Honours Program is an additional year of intensive study that students with a superior academic record may undertake upon completion of their undergraduate degree. The program aims to produce Honours graduates who are highly motivated, organised and demonstrate superior initiative.

Prospective students 绵阳金优金科技有限公司

Students who commence study from 2018 can complete Honours as part of the Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Advanced Studies. If you have already completed a Bachelor degree and would like to undertake Honours, entry may be permitted if you commenced your undergraduate study less than ten years ago, subject to other requirements for entry.

If Honours is not an option but you are interested in higher degree research study, you may want to consider the Master of Philosophy.

Current students 公主岭恒宝大商贸有限公司

Students who commenced the Bachelor of Commerce prior to 2018 can find Business School honours program information and application guidelines at the current students honours page.


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Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing)
“I had an interest in business and the opportunity to tailor my degree towards my passions in the Bachelor of Commerce was a big appeal. I also knew the Business School's great reputation for teaching excellence, so it was the ideal choice.”
Discover our Bachelor of Commerce
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